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Common coffee types

Common coffee types

E-BON E-BON 2018-10-24 17:21:21
Italian Concentrate is a type of coffee with a strong taste. It was invented and developed in Italy. The production process was brewed by a short time and high pressure. The flavor of the coffee was concentrated and the taste was especially strong. Usually the supply is calculated in "shots". Espresso is often used as the basis for other flavored coffees, such as mocha, latte, macchiato, etc.

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Americano (Americano)
In the American style, the black coffee made by the drip filter coffee pot is simple. The American style is the Italian-style concentrated water. The taste is relatively light, but the extraction time is longer (four to five minutes), so the caffeine content is also Higher, should not drink more.

White White (Flat White)
White coffee uses extra-grade skim milk raw material to minimize the bitter acid and caffeine content of coffee, without hurting the stomach, silky and smooth, without bitter bitterness.

Macchiato is the meaning of "branding, imprinting" in Italian, and caramel macchiato symbolizes the sweet mark. Ma Qi Ya Duo does not add whipped cream and milk to the concentrate. Just add two large spoonfuls of milk foam to make a cup of macchiato. To taste Ma Qi Ya Duo, be careful not to stir, find a suitable angle and directly Drink, you can still maintain the layering of coffee in your mouth.

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Espresso Con Panna
Unlike Mercury Blue and Macchiato, Herbalife Blue is made with whipped cream in Italian condensed concentrate. The characteristics of Herbalife Blue are its three-layered taste of “creamy sweetness, coffee mellow, sweet syrup”, while ice cream is also The concentration just extracted forms the taste of ice and fire. Pay attention to drinking Kangbao blue. Drink it directly, drink it as soon as possible, and don't stir it to taste the layered taste of ice cream and coffee.

Latte (Caffè Latte)
Latte is made from a small cup of concentrated and a cup of milk (150ml ~ 200ml). Like cappuccino, latte is suitable for drinking at breakfast because it contains a lot of milk. It has more milk flavor and taste than cappuccino. More mellow.

Cafe Mocha
Mocha is usually made up of one-third of Italian condensed and two-thirds of milk foam, and a little chocolate (usually added in chocolate syrup). Because of the chocolate and milk, Mocha tastes slightly sweeter. More suitable for women to drink.

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Cappuccino is an espresso made with the same amount of Italian concentrated and foamed milk. Cappuccino is a kind of frothy coffee. After drinking it, you can taste the sweetness of the milk foam, and then you can taste the bitterness and richness of the Italian concentrated.

Breewe / Cafe Breve
Unlike latte, semi-latte coffee is a mixture of half-milk and half-milk, and sometimes a small amount of milk foam is added.