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Avocado's "calorie economics"

The public participates in the management of the body, in the final analysis, it is because of the "clam"

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Avocado imports have caught fire on Weibo. In 2010, China’s imports were less than 2 tons, but in 2017, it soared to 32,100 tons, an increase of more than 16,000 times. Explosive growth stems from health labels. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber and potassium, avocado has become a popular health food for many fitness people.


Behind the red avocado is the rise of “calorie economics”.

Around us, there are probably a few friends who are concerned about their weight. They are "gradually farther away" with carbohydrates, and they are "incompatible with high sugar and high oil", and they will "burn my calories", but they also hear nutritionists suggest that a healthy diet does not mean "starving". . Therefore, foods such as avocado and buckwheat have sprung up and become synonymous with healthy and fashionable eating concepts.

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The extension of "calorie economics" certainly goes beyond diet. Looking forward, sports equipment has been promoted from running shoes to bracelets. There are always one or two sports apps in the mobile phone. How many steps are taken each day, how many cards are consumed, how many cards are consumed, and the records are clearly recorded.

In the bathroom, weighed regularly with electronic scales, and it became the weight of our willpower; in the gym, we did not satisfy ourselves, and one-on-one private lessons were popular. Probably, just as the artist creates sculptures, more and more modern young people are willing to forge a better self through the “axe chiseling” of sports.

The contest between humans and calories actually has a long history. The book Calories and Corsets reveals the history of dieting for at least two thousand years. However, the perfect combination of physical management and business is very late. Among them, the popularity of TV advertising, nutrition and sports has contributed.

Of course, the public participates in the management of the body, in the final analysis, it is because of the "clam-up." In 2018, China's Engel coefficient has dropped to 28.4%, which means that people spend less on food and the consumption structure continues to escalate.

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Looking closely, on the one hand, the food consumption structure itself is changing; on the other hand, the consumption developed based on new ideas is also growing. For example, the rapid growth of healthy consumption and the blooming of learning consumption. People eat half a bowl of rice, but life is more "nutritious."

Of course, the reason why "calorie economics" brings business opportunities is also the support of popular culture. Today, sports society has also detonated the health industry to a certain extent.

Friends gathered together, more fitness together, three or five friends signed up to run the marathon wind, and even led to the fierce domestic city marathon. Paying attention to the number of walking steps per day, regularly taking out fitness photos and records, and exercising social life has added a new sense of ritual and identity. This cultural psychology is also contributing to the vigorous development of “calorie economics”.