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Although vigorously promoting healthy eating habits, Americans are still fatter than they were 20 ye

Although Americans have been vigorously promoting healthy living habits and eating habits over the past 20 years, it seems that Americans still have a hard time losing their fat.

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A new study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that since 1999, the average weight of American men has increased from 189.4 pounds (about 86 kilograms) in 1999 to 197.9 pounds in 2016 (about 90). Kg); The average weight of American women increased from 163.8 pounds (about 74 kilograms) in 1999 to 170.6 pounds (about 77 kilograms) at the end of 2016.

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Obviously, the increase in weight is caused by poor eating habits and lack of adequate exercise. In fact, the average height of Americans is also shorter than it was 20 years ago. The average height of American men today is 69.1 inches (about 175.5 cm), which is slightly shorter than the 69.2 inches (about 175.7 cm) in 1999. Similarly, the average height of American women has dropped from 63.8 inches (about 162 cm) in 1999. 63.7 inches (about 161.8 cm).

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The US Centers for Disease Control also found that the average waist circumference and BMI index of both men and women in the United States are rising. The average waist circumference of American men rose from 39 inches (about 99 cm) in 1999 to 40.2 inches (about 102 cm) in 2016; the waistline of women increased from 36.3 inches (about 92 cm) to 38.6 inches (about 98 cm). In the BMI index, the average US female measurement increased from 28.2 to 29.6; the male BMI increased from 27.8 to 29.1. The medically relatively healthy BMI index reference value is 18.5 to 23.9. This shows that Americans are generally overweight.