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What is Flair bartenders

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Flair bartenders, or extreme bartending, is a choreographed entertainment performance put on by bartenders involving cocktail shakers and bottles among other tools. 

The act involves the mixing of drinks using visually exciting moves, similar to juggling. For example, rather than simply shaking a cocktail shaker to mix a drink, the shaker will be thrown in the air along with other items, such as bottles, to add to the effect. The marks of a good Flair bartenders bartender are a good combination of cocktail mixing knowledge, and an athletic, visually stunning performance.

Flair bartenders is used in cocktail bars to dazzle customers, and is employed at events as an exciting promotional aid. Flair bartenders bartending is also performed in a competitive field, known as Exhibition Flair bartenders. In Exhibition Flair bartenders, the emphasis is less on the serving of drinks, but more on the visual Flair bartenders and exciting moves performed.