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The Features of Our Stainless Steel Butter Box


Stainless Steel Butter Box

This stainless steel butter box serves to store the butter the size of which fits the container. The crisper can be taken out if required. Then, a knife is utilized to cut off the required amount of butter. Additionally, this product can accommodate other snacks. It is elegant and practical, which acts as an essential tool in kitchens or on dining tables.

Our stainless steel butter box

1. It is made from superior stainless steel, our product seems to be noble and delightful.

2. Our stainless steel butter box is easy to be used. It is considered as the high-class tableware in homes or hotels, or as a decent gift for relatives or friends. This product is exported to overseas countries, covering Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea, among others.

3. Moreover, this product achieves a mirror polished finish by hand, so it is really bright and easy to be cleaned.

4. With streamlined design, the product is graceful in appearance.

5. Our  Stainless Steel Butter Box can be applied in bars, hotels, restaurants, canteens, clubs, banquets, parties, KTV, picnics, cafes, business lounges, fitness rooms, and house kitchens.(Read More:http://www.steelhomewaresupplier.com/products/Kitchenwares.htm)