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Do you konw how to use measuring spoon correctly

1. Before measurement, the powdered material must be sieved in prevention of caking. Additionally, intentional compaction is not allowed. The measuring spoon ought to be filled with powder, and its surface must be flat. Our customers can firstly pile up the powder in this spoon, and then gently shake the spoon to make the surface flat.

2. When the measuring spoon is used to measure liquids, the liquid level is usually not flat due to the surface tension. Moreover, a small-sized spoon can not easily pour off all liquids. Residues often leave at the bottom. Thereby, our customers had better estimate the error.

3. When in use of this product, the flat surface of liquids or powdered materials must be guaranteed. While reading, the sightline and surface must be at the same height.

1. While measuring the liquid,

2. Various substances have distinct densities or volumes. Their weight and volume are not equivalent.