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Ten Wine Tips for Beginners.

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-05-17
  Here are some tips on finding great bottles on a budget, and how to kickstart your education when it comes to drinking well.

  1 Invest in decent stemware. Look for glasses with medium-sized bowls, which are versatile enough for all wines, and thin rims, which always make wine taste better.
  2 Get these must-have wine tools. Keep gel-filled wine sleeves in your freezer to quickly chill or keep bottles cool.Find a comfortable wine opener, whether it’s a small waiter’s friend, or an easy-to-use lever-style corkscrew. 
  3 Select house wines to keep on hand.
  4 Keep your wine comfortable. If space allows, put a rack in a room without direct sunlight.
  5 Take a cue from college and take notes or just use an app.
  6 Become friends with the clerks at your local wine store. Ask for bargain wine suggestions—clerks are happy to share great finds.
  7  Find great wine on the cheap.
  8 Don’t snub the box or the can.It’s the perfect option when you just want a glass, or need wine for cooking, and it lasts for months.
  9 Start a wine tasting club. Take turns hosting, and have each guest bring a wine new to them. 
 10 Keep experimenting. Tasting is the key to learning about wine. Enjoy your wine studies!
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