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Preferred containers for food, drugs, chemicals

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on :2017-08-10
Good delicacy always makes us drool with envy, but you know what material container delicacy can keep it authentic? E-BON the stainless steel specialist, Kitchenware Supplier china.
1. ceramics
Ceramic is the tableware used by emperors in ancient times. It also uses ceramics to hold all kinds of food materials in the court;

2. stainless steel container
The stainless steel container is modern invention, now most of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry are stainless steel containers containing raw materials, stainless steel containers with respect to ceramic speaking more environmentally friendly, more durable, not so fragile.

And now the stainless steel containers on the market are very user-friendly. E-BON the most excellent stainless steel company, which provide you with china Stainless Steel Housewares.
Volatile liquids, such as alcohol, can be packed in stainless steel sealed containers that keep the purity of the alcohol intact;

3. iron container
This container may be far from the stainless steel container, because the iron container is more likely to rust, and most importantly, the iron container does not have the hardness of stainless steel, slightly hit a few deformation.

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