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You can't miss the Kaxi Road

Hong Kong's Causeway Bay, Shanghai's Nanjing Road, Beijing's Wangfujing, and Chengdu's Chunxi Road. There must be a signboard in every signage city, and there must be a sign shop on each signage street. But you can really eat high, rest and squat, and spend a lot of money. Do you know a few? Every time you visit Chunxi Road, you will eat some food, where do you rest and enjoy the prosperous scenery? Never tell me that it is a hot pot or a burger! Hot and hot Chengdu, hot and hot pedestrian street, hot and hot crowd, want to play a good time, do not have to have stubborn physical strength, but must rest ingeniously.

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Find a cool little squatting place, sip a smooth, tender and refreshing milk green, let the cold and fragrant tea beads provoke the thrill of the thunder, the slightly tired spirit immediately stop fighting. If you are still not addicted, then add a few mouthfuls of pure and crispy cocoa or smooth and fragrant rose scent. "Wow!" In addition to this admiration, what else to say?

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How to quench your thirst, shopping is a war of attrition, of course, you have to eat something real, supplement your physical fitness, work hard, but you can't eat too much, otherwise you can only "scream" on the spot... ...what to eat? At this moment, 咔 淋 hot dog is definitely the best choice. Don't worry, I know you have to disagree. Isn't the hot dog a grilled sausage? What can't I eat, what is mysterious? Good question! I recommend it to you, of course, it is impossible to have a random sausage on the roadside, but it is a real Frankfurt hot dog! It is the best seven-inch intestine in the hot dog food industry! There are a variety of flavors to choose from, each with its own characteristics, and it is also nutritious and healthy. The most important thing is the taste. After eating a bite, you will never forget it. When you eat any other hot dogs later, You must miss this mouth... Well, I won’t sell it, it’s hard to talk about their tastes. The tuna hot dog, haha, the MM who grinned, the food is moving, let’s not Urgently, the exquisite Frankfurt's seven-inch intestines must be made with special secret sauces. This excellent tuna hot dog is rich in DHA and a lot of EPA, which not only inhibits cholesteric alcohol, but also It can provide nutrients for the brain and the atlantoaxial nerve, bite a bite, it is really healthy and smart SU, SORRY, I will not popularize nutrition here, Bi Jing our main purpose is to eat happy!

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Next up is the cold-day fruit hot dog player, Dangdang (music sounds, applause welcome) fresh? The refreshing fruit hot dog, with the cold feeling of Q, participates in the hydrating nutrition of fresh fruit, plus the unique sauce, as long as you think about it, you must swallow it! More meat hot dogs, eggs, vegetables, hot dogs, etc., and the choice of fragrant and Q for GGMM to choose, break your imagination of the taste of hot dogs, what are you waiting for?Oh, I almost forgot, there are puddings and sand ice to make you cool!Know that you love hot pot and understand the spicyness of your love of Sichuan, but if you come to Chunxi Road, don't miss the hot dog workshop! In the hot Sichuan and Chongqing, don't forget to introduce a cool and cool Q, so that the happy realm is always appropriate