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What is an Ice Cream Scoop

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  • Release on:2017-04-05
   An ice cream scoop is a kitchen utensil which is used to serve ice cream, although it can also be used to handle other thick substances such as cookie dough. The thick construction of the scoop allows it to hold up when it is used with heavy, stiff materials, and it will not bend or break like ordinary scoops and spoons. Many China Ice Cream Scooptrading company sell these utensils, often in a variety of sizes and styles. While not a vitally necessary kitchen tool unless you eat a lot of ice cream, an ice cream scoop can certainly be useful to have around.
   A very basic scoop looks like an oversized, reinforced spoon with a deep bowl, rather than a shallow one. The deep bowl of the scoop penetrates into the ice cream to pull out a rounded section, while the strong construction keeps the scoop from bending. Some ice cream scoops also have a trigger handle, which uses a small piece of metal to force the ice cream out of the scoop and into the serving bowl. Since it can be challenging to dislodge very frozen ice cream from the scoop, this feature is handy.