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US Soybean Export Association: Thanks to Chinese customers

“The United States continues to produce innovative, nutritious and high-quality soybeans, but everything cannot be separated from the support of important Chinese customers.” Recently, the US Soybean Export Association led a senior delegation of the US soybean industry to visit Beijing and Shanghai, and represented the US soybean growers. Expressed gratitude to Chinese customers and their investment in the US soybean industry. Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer manufacturer.

As part of a multi-country tour to promote US soybeans, the heads of organizations from the US soybean industry discuss with buyers the advantages of US soybeans, including years of agricultural experience, technological innovation, sustainable development practices, and effective service to global markets. Positioning. Stainless Steel Powder Shaker manufacturer.

According to Su Jian, CEO of the US Soybean Export Association, about 60% of soybeans in the United States are used for export. “Small-scale soybean farmers in the United States rely heavily on support from global markets such as China to support their families.” Su Jian said that due to some food And animal feed is mainly dependent on soybeans, so the US-China soybean trade partnership is very stable.

It is understood that US soybean growers have invested in China for 37 years. “The cooperation between the two parties not only helps China's related industries to achieve rapid development, but also plays an important role in the development of the US soybean planting industry. Therefore, we must reiterate to existing and future Chinese customers that we value their partners. Relationships, paying attention to their investment in US soybeans." Su Jian said with enthusiasm that the US Soybean Export Association is very much looking forward to meeting with Chinese agricultural stakeholders and conducting extensive discussions on future sustainable cooperation. Stainless Steel Mearsuring Spoon supplier.

It is understood that the US Soybean Export Association is a soy grower, agricultural export enterprise, trading company, related agriculture-related enterprise and agricultural organization jointly founded by the major stakeholders of the US soybean industry such as the American Soybean Association and the American Soybean Foundation.

A non-governmental organization engaged in international marketing activities. Since its establishment in Beijing in 1982, the US Soybean Industry Organization has established long-term close cooperative relations with the Chinese agricultural community to make its own contribution to safeguarding China's sustainable food security and food safety.