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The microstructure and properties of stainless steel 3

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-12-21
3.The role of nickel in stainless steel is to be brought into play with chromium
Nickel is an excellent corrosion resistant material and an important alloying element of alloy steel. Nickel in steel is austenite formation elements, but the low carbon nickel steel to obtain pure austenite and nickel content to achieve 24%; and only 27% of nickel to steel corrosion resistance in some medium significantly change. So nickel can't make up stainless steel alone. But when nickel and chromium exist in stainless steel at the same time, nickel - containing stainless steel has many valuable properties.  

Based on the above conclusion, nickel as alloying element in stainless steel, is that it makes the high chrome organization changes, so that the stainless steel corrosion resistance and process performance obtained certain improvement. E-BON the most excellent stainless steel company, which provide you with oem julep cup factory china.  

4.Manganese and nitrogen can replace nickel chromium nickel stainless steel
The advantages of Cr Ni austenitic steel although many, but in recent decades due to refractoloy and nickel below 20% heat resistant steel large development and application, and the chemical industry development needs more and more and the stainless steel, nickel deposits less and concentrated in a few areas, so in in the world there is a contradiction in supply and demand of nickel. So in the field of stainless steel and many other alloys (such as forging steel, tool steel, heat resistant steel etc.), especially the lack of nickel resources in the world, widely carried out section of nickel and nickel with other elements of the generation of scientific research and production practice, research in this area and more applications is with manganese and nitrogen to replace nickel in stainless steel and heat resistant steel.   
The effect of manganese on austenite is similar to that of nickel. But to put it more precisely, the role of manganese is not to form austenite, but to reduce the critical quenching speed of steel, increase Austenite Stability during cooling, and suppress the decomposition of austenite, so that austenite formed at high temperature can be maintained at room temperature. To improve the corrosion resistance of the steel, manganese steel has little effect, such as the manganese content from 0 to 10.4%, do not make the steel in the air and acid corrosion resistance of change. E-BON the stainless steel specialist, china Stainless Steel Housewares supplier.

This is because there is little effect to improve the electrode potential of Mn Fe based solid solution, the protective effect of the oxide film is very low, so the industry has to alloying austenitic manganese steel (such as 40Mn18Cr4,50Mn18Cr4WN, ZGMn13 steel), but they cannot be used as stainless steel. Manganese austenitic stability in the role of steel is about 1/2 or 2% nickel, the effect of nitrogen in steel is stable Austenitic, and the extent is larger than nickel. For example, if we want to make austenitic structure containing 18% chromium steel at room temperature, the low nickel stainless steel and nickel chromium and manganese nitrogen not attracting steel with manganese and nitrogen instead of nickel have been applied in industry, and some have successfully replaced the classic 18-8 chromium nickel stainless steel.

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