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The Many Uses of a Stainless Steel Gold Plated Teardrop Bar Spoon Mixing Spoon

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-04-12
  Most people understand the basic function of a Stainless Steel Gold Plated Teardrop Bar Spoon Mixing Spoon, but when mixing drinks bar spoons are used in many different ways. Since some of those uses might be foreign to an aspiring mixologist, let’s look at a few:
  Cocktail Stirring – Some cocktails need to be stirred not shaken, and the bar spoon is the perfect tool. Whether using a cocktail shaker or tall glass, the long handled spoon will make quick work of mixing any cocktail.

  Measuring Ingredients – One bar spoon is more or less equivalent to one teaspoon and bartenders will use it to measure small quantities.

  Layering Drinks – Mixologists interested in displaying an artistic flair use the flat bowl of the bar spoon to layer different spirits in one drink. Often used for shots like a B-52 or an Angel’s Kiss, the appearance is definitely striking.

  Garnishing Drinks – As one of the one of the most useful bar tools, the spoon is often called upon to remove extra pulp from fruit garnishes.

  Muddling – Although the use of a specialize Muddler is ideal, European bar spoons have a “hammer” at the end of the handle that can be used to lightly muddle fruit and herbs in a pinch.