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Stainless steel tableware purchase standard

Stainless steel tableware purchase standard

E-BON E-BON 2018-07-24 11:51:20

1. When purchasing stainless steel products, you should carefully check whether the materials and steel numbers used in the outer packaging are marked;

2, under normal circumstances, the same thickness and shape of stainless steel cutlery, high-grade tableware will be heavier than the lower-grade material tableware. For example, the Omega stainless steel tableware will be thicker than the low-grade material and the sound will be thicker when tapping. This is also a big difference between the high-grade material and the low-grade material.

3, qualified stainless steel tableware its weight is greater than "parallel imports" products, the kind of fluttering "stainless steel" is basically not edible grade stainless steel.

4, it is best not to buy so-called stainless steel products in the hands of small vendors. These stainless steel cutlery materials are inferior in raw materials and contain a variety of heavy metal elements that are harmful to human health, especially lead, aluminum, mercury and cadmium.