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Stainless steel processing and construction

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-12-18
Cutting and punching
Because the stainless steel than ordinary high strength materials, so the stamping and shearing need higher pressure, and the knife and the knife gap can not accurately shear bad and work hardening, the best use of plasma or laser cutting, when have to use gas cutting or arc cutting, grinding of heat affected zone and heat treatment is necessary. E-BON the most excellent stainless steel company, which provide you with oem Stainless Steel Mearsuring Spoon.

The bending process
Thin plate can be bent to 180, but in order to reduce the bending surface crack with radius of 2 times the thickness of the best, to 2 times the thickness radius of plate along the rolling direction, bending and rolling vertical direction to a radius of 4 times the thickness is necessary, especially in the welding processing, in order to prevent cracking to deal with the welding surface grinding.

Drawing deep processing
Drawing deep processing is easy to produce friction heat, so the use of pressure resistance, high heat resistance, high stainless steel at the same time after the end of the processing should be removed from the surface attached oil. 
Before welding should be completely removed harmful to welding oil, water, rust, paint, selected for steel electrode. The distance between the spot welding time distance is shorter than that of the carbon steel spot welding, and the stainless steel brush should be used when removing the slag.  
After welding, in order to prevent local corrosion or strength decline, the surface should be lapping or cleaning. Construction and construction points for attention.

In order to prevent the construction of scratches and contaminants attached to the construction, stainless steel construction is carried out under the condition of film sticker. However, as time goes on, the residual liquid will be washed according to the time limit of film application.  E-BON the stainless steel specialist, China Kitchenware Supplier.

After the construction is removed, the surface shall be washed and the special stainless steel tools should be used to clean the common tools with general steel. Should not pay attention to the strong corrosive and magnetic drug exposure to clean stone and stainless steel surface, if the contact should be immediately washed. After the construction, the use of neutral detergent and water washing surface attached cement, powder ash and other things.

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