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How to solve the kitchen storage?

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-05-16
  Home pots and pans too much, different sizes, different height, how to use the cabinet to facilitate the release? Give you the following three suggestions:

  First, according to the use of the principle of easy to plan storage: the commonly used items on the side easy to take the place, according to the use of frequency level storage design, can improve the efficiency of the use of the kitchen.
  Second, the commonly used items do not have to be closed in the cabinet: commonly used pots, kitchen utensils are not necessarily received in the cupboard, can also be placed closer to the stove or sink, such as hanging on the wall or operating table The shelf is easy to pick and place; and not commonly used kitchen utensils can be placed in the kitchen far from the stove, the console near the space reserved for the use of high frequency items.
  Third, the tableware categories placed: tableware porcelain types, shape and size is not uniform, according to the function of tableware and large and small classification, and then in accordance with the frequency of use of the order, such as less commonly used and bulky In the bottom, under the sink to accommodate the larger size of the pot, the cabinet corner set at the basket can also accommodate some small kitchen appliances.
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