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What is stainless steel pipe?

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-09-14
Stainless steel with its no pollution, high strength, long life, small water resistance, low comprehensive cost, consistent with the trend characteristics has been selected as the best substitute of galvanized pipes, but still widespread because of its large processing difficulty, high cost, less than the inner wall of plastic pipe and other shortcomings difficult to expand.
The outstanding features of the more advanced products of similar products are: high quality stainless steel material selection and advanced joint process technology.

1. corrosion resistance: product life of more than 50 years. E-BON the most excellent stainless steel company, which provide you with Professional China Stainless steel Barware factory.

2. good hygiene: within the service life, can meet the national, Japan, Europe and other international standards for drinking water requirements.

3. strong impact resistance: water pipe strength is 2 times of galvanized steel pipe, 3 times of copper tube. High joint strength.

4. low thermal conductivity: the heat conduction is 1/25 of copper tube, 1/4 of steel tube, and has the characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction. E-BON the stainless steel specialist, Stainless Steel Bar Set china.

5. saving materials: as a result of the use of thin-walled, weight only galvanized pipe 1/3, a large number of materials saved, reducing the weight of the product, especially for high-rise building pipe.

6. simple construction, short operation time: This product is non threaded connection, no threading operation complex, no welding before and after processing, construction without cutting or cohesion of oil when the dye or column welding pollution, with special tool pressure, instantaneous pipe connection.

7. the product appearance is beautiful: whether it is new installation, or a long time used, can be decorated with the new environment.

8. the joint wall unobstructed: product interface and water pipe diameter, water resistance is small.

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