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NBA offseason, hot play give way, how is the US March crazy?

This season's NBA regular season is over. The Pistons, Hornets and Heats have become more enthusiastic about the last playoff ticket. Wade, who played the "last dance", can play more games and countless fans. heart of. However, at this juncture, the NBA took a day off on the 9th local time. There is no reason for him. The NCAA Tournament final was played on the same day. Even the best basketball league in the world, it is difficult to take the audience's attention from it.

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- Crazy March: What is the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship?

The NCAA American University Men's Basketball National Championships, also known as "Mad March." As the name implies, this college basketball game will make the whole country crazy in March every year.

According to the rules, a total of 68 teams participated in the “Mad March” competition, and they stood out from the hundreds of teams in the United States. After the regular season from November to March of the following year, the 32 divisional championship teams occupy 32 seats, and the remaining 36 places are selected by the selection committee. For example, Zion Williamson, who is considered to be the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft this summer, is playing for Duke University as a champion of the Atlantic Coast League Championship.

The tournament officially opened in mid-March is the origin of the "Mad March" title. After the birth of the top 68, the jury selected the four teams that they considered to be the strongest and became the top seed in the four divisions. The tournament adopts a single-game elimination system similar to the Men's World Cup rematch. It starts with a specific 8 teams and leaves half of it. Then, from the top 64, the top 32, the top 16, the top 8, the top four will be decided. .

In other words, the entire NCAA tournament has a total of 67 games and is considered the highest honor in college basketball in the United States. For young players who have the strength to enter the NBA, performance in "Mad March" will greatly affect their draft ranking.

——Influence: Participation by the whole people, hit the US drama by the side station

Even in the NBA, the description of each stage of the playoffs is dominated by sub-finals, finals, etc., while the NCAA Tournament has its own exclusive label. The first four, the Sweet Sixteen, the Elite Eight, and the Final Four are almost inseparable from the NCAA tournament.

During the parallel of the NCAA Tournament and the NBA regular season, a number of famous eyes were attracted to the college basketball game, and they screamed for their alma mater. Like "Magic" Johnson, he went to the site for the Michigan State University platform. Two regular-season MVP winners Nash also watched the Canadian players' competition. He favored the prospective "flower explorer" Barrett this summer. Of course, the celebrities in the game are not limited to the sports circle, and the luxury level of the field can sometimes be compared with the NBA playoffs and even the finals.

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If this is not enough to illustrate the huge influence of the NCAA Tournament in the United States, then look at this data: Every year before the start of "Mad March", the United States will set off a wave of predictive quiz, and this year only ESPN will receive a platform. More than 17 million quiz tables have been reached. It is worth mentioning that former US President Barack Obama is also a guessing enthusiast, although his accuracy has always been not very good.

In addition, according to the US media reports, such big hits as "Big Bang" and "The Best of the Mother" have been stopped during this year's "Mad March", and other popular episodes are confronting the NCAA Tournament. The middle fell into the wind. Regardless of the ticket price, advertising price, number of viewers, or social media index, the NCAA Tournament is a top-level event IP, and some aspects of influence are much better than the NBA.

- Charm: There are the best youth stories here.

Some people may ask what the charm of the NCAA Tournament is and why it is so concerned.

The NCAA Tournament is highly sought after and is inextricably linked to the event structure. The NCAA's divisional alliances are mostly based on geographical divisions. The championships of the 32 divisional leagues can automatically advance to "Mad March", which means that the teams are all over the United States. In other words, everyone can find a team in their hometown or alma mater.

More importantly, there are basketball, the purest and most inspirational stories about youth, and this is the best showcase of the NCAA Tournament.

Like the University of Virginia, which won the first NCAA championship trophy this year, they wrote a touching story.

A year ago, the University of Virginia entered the NCAA Tournament as the No. 1 seed in the United States, but they suffered from Waterloo in the first round and were eliminated by the divisional No. 16 seed Baltimore. Although the event is known for its madness and magic, in history, "Black 16" is still the first time. Faced with the huge gap between hope and reality, you can imagine how dark the 18- and nine-year-old children have experienced.

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A year later, they made a comeback. In the elite quarter-finals, facing Purdue University, Virginia still lags behind by 5.9 seconds. Jerome, who scored a free-throw opportunity, made two free throws. Diakate grabbed a gold-like offensive rebound and hit the whistle, dragging the game into overtime and helping the team escape.

In the final four games, he encountered Auburn University. Gay caused the opponent to make a three-pointer foul at the last moment before the game ended. At this moment, his team Virginia is still two points behind. Withstood the pressure, Gay made all the penalty and sent the team to the final.

In the face of Texas Tech, the last opponent on the road to victory, Virginia's number one star, Hunter, came forward. He first hit the three-pointer before the end of the regular time, and later decided the trend of overtime. Last year's "losers" created their own memories by holding up the trophy. Gay, who was crying in the bathroom a year ago because of his failure, became the MOP of this competition.

Such stories happen every year because Virginia is just one of hundreds of teams chasing dreams. Although there is only one champion, everyone is pouring all the sweat to become the protagonist of tomorrow's story. Perhaps their skills and tactics are not perfect enough to compare careers, but this is precisely the perfect interpretation of youth.

As the University of Virginia coach Bennett described the journey, "This is a great story."