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E-BON—Latest and Most Popular Trends & Stainless Steel Products for 2018

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-09-26
[City, State], September 21, 2017 – Recently, E-BON has launched out 5 latest stainless steel products in the market. 

The Diamond Moscow Mule Mug is one proof of their innovation. Other products such as the Stainless Steel Cooper/ Red/ Gold/ Black Plating Mule Mug also become a trend in the market. The launch of these products based on surveys, studies, and research they made.

After doing thorough, a lot of market survey and research. With the face-to-face communication and collision with customers in the Frankfurt show in February and Las Vegas show in July. E-BON finally develop these 5 latest products that will surely lead the new trend in the worldwide market. 

These products are not only for personal use, it can also use for practical purposes. Their stainless products can use in many areas such as in the bar and kitchen. These new products are also applicable for wedding, party, or use it as a handicraft, as a decoration, and as a gift. These 5 products from E-BON are the patent products in China. They will be the exclusive supplier of these products, once it is published, many customers have booked it.

Nowadays, E-BON’s workshop is equipped with semi-automatic cutting and polishing machine, while the mechanical arm will soon join the production to improve production efficiency and meet customers’ fast delivery requirement.
Stainless steel is such the best partner in the kitchen, dining, and for pleasure. Unlike glass, stainless does not break into pieces and will not harm the safety of the user. E-BON’s latest products for 2018 have the most popular element, such as diamond shape, copper and gold electroplating, and gun black color. E-BON assures that these aspects will meet the newest trend and demands in the market.

About E-BON:
E-BON Industrial Co., Ltd. Establish in 2000 and became a professional supplier and export and unique specialized design-manufacturer of stainless steel products. Responsible for producing the best quality of products made possible by the Research and Development Team. The company offer more than 2000 types of product and still do innovation for improvements.

For more information about the product and company of E-BON, you may visit the website http://www.steelhomewaresupplier.com or call 86—075533221366.

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