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In addition to the kitchen utensils odor small coups Stainless steel kitchen care

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  • Release on:2018-07-09

    After using the kitchen utensils for a while, there will be some minor problems. We can use the kitchen tricks(Housewares Manufacturer in China) and use other items to help the kitchen supplies recover.

    In addition to kitchen utensils, the smell is small

    1. After using chopsticks for a period of time, you will think that you can put white vinegar and chopsticks together to cook and smell.

    2, kitchen knives often cut things smell will stick to the kitchen knife, will produce a taste in the long run, can be scrubbed with salt to remove the taste.

    3, the kitchen utensils will also stick to the smell, you can put white vinegar in the water to remove odor,

    There are many kitchen items, it is very important to put the kitchen utensils neatly, and it looks clean and tidy.

    Kitchen kitchenware placement skills

    1. Washed dishes should be placed on a dedicated tableware shelf to keep them dry and ventilated to avoid bacterial growth.

    2, soup spoon, spatula, pot, etc. It is best to hang up, keep it ventilated and dry.

    Many kitchen utensils in modern homes are made of stainless steel. If you want the kitchen utensils to be new every day, you need to carry out maintenance.

    Maintenance of stainless steel kitchenware

1. The newly purchased kitchen utensils should be cleaned with boiling water, and it is feared that the new kitchen utensils will leave industrial grease.

    2, to avoid the delivery of the pot, easy to black out the pot.

    3, should be cleaned in time to avoid oil residue.