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Importance of stainless steel Housewares for BBQ

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  • Release on:2017-04-06
   The term “BBQ” is largely misused by the general public.  It has been implied to mean anything cooked on a grill.  It may mean a party or a get together with friends and family. But, Barbecue is not a dish, or a cooking device, nor an event.  It is a METHOD of cooking.

   There is definite difference between grilling and barbecuing.  If you “grill” the meat it means you are cooking it over direct heat of a fire, searing the outside and concentrating on not overcooking the inside.  It is a healthful method of cooking as oils or fats are seldom used.

   “Barbeque”, or “Bar-be-que”, or just plain ‘ol “BBQ” on the other hand is the process or method of “smoking” meat at low temperatures for long periods of time.  You take a large cut of tough meat and “smoke” it. 

   Of course, in the process, we need some BBQ tongs, such as stainless steel Housewares,and these can be purchased from china Stainless steel factory,china Stainless steel manufacturers,Housewares Manufacturer in China.It is used to clip food on the fire, you can not get it by hand, it will be burned,BBQ will be an interesting activity.