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Does stainless steel cup tea really release heavy metals?

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  • Release on:2018-07-03

Due to its beautiful appearance and convenient cleaning, stainless steel cups are popular among people. However, there are arguments that the stainless steel cup tea will precipitate heavy metal chromium, drinking can cause cancer, harmless and healthy. Can stainless steel cups be used? How to use more peace?

Called stainless steel, it's actually different

In daily life, we can often see a wide variety of stainless steel products. From the outside, they are all similar. However, do you know? In fact, they are not exactly the same.

Stainless steel(Stainless Steel  Coffee mug wholesales) is a generic name for a type of alloy steel, which usually contains 10% to 30% chromium and also contains metallic nickel. According to its structure and chemical composition, it can be subdivided into ferritic steel, austenitic steel, martensitic steel, dual phase steel, and precipitation hardened steel.

In life, you can hear more about “Steel 301” and “Steel 304”. These numbers refer to the AISI steel number. The functional characteristics of different numbers of stainless steels are not the opposite. Some of them are more resistant to corrosion, some are easier to mold, and others have higher strength, so their use is different.