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Art Baroque: Stainless Steel Egg-Shaped Wine Glasses Bloom With Unique Style

This wine glass is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring it is durable and easy to clean. The unique egg-shaped design will add comfort and elegance to your drinking experience, whether holding or tasting.

Etched Egg Shaped Wine Glass Showing Taste And Elegance

This Baroque-style stainless steel egg-shaped wine glass will add a classic and elegant touch to your drinking experience.

Baroque Style Stainless Steel Champagne Glass

This champagne flute is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also easy to clean and maintain. The stainless steel material makes the cup rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, making it very suitable for long-term use. Its classic wine glass shape makes it comfortable to hold and perfectly matches your hand, making your wine tasting experience more comfortable.

How To Take Your Bartending Game To The Next Level?

The stainless steel cocktail shaker set, with its exquisite bronze color and unique etched deer head pattern, shows a unique and noble Baroque style. This cocktail shaker set is not only a practical bartending tool, but also an exquisite work of art, perfectly combining modern practicality with ancient elegant design elements.

What’S The Charm Of Baroque Cocktail Tools?

This black etched stainless steel bar set represents the luxury and elegance of the Baroque style. Each piece of barware is beautifully etched with a deer head pattern, highlighting nobility and sophistication. Whether it is a small gathering at home, a leisurely time at the bar, or a business banquet, this set of wine sets can highlight your taste and identity and add a sense of quality to the drinking experience.

What’s the charm of steampunk-style martini glasses?

This stainless steel martini glass is a very distinctive drink container. Its exquisite etching pattern gives a unique visual experience, and the design of power wheels and skull patterns highlights the unique steampunk style. charm.


If stainless steel wine glasses are made from food grade stainless steel, then it does not affect the taste of the wine at all.

Fairy And Castle Style Martini Glass

This stainless steel martini glass is exquisite. The charm of a sexy fairy and the magic of a castle will add a touch of romance and sophistication to your day!

Steampunk Style Coffee Mug

This is the world's first moving mug! Inspired by the golden age of steam power, this mug is adorned with robot and wheel elements, giving it a unique retro-futuristic appeal. But the real star of the show is the spinning top on the handle, which spins non-stop, offering a fun, interactive way to relieve stress while enjoying your favorite hot beverage.

Explore The Elegance Of Our Etched Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this unique etched stainless steel flask is more than just an accessory, it's a symbol of timeless elegance designed to enhance your drinking experience on the go.

Colored stainless steel process

Colored stainless steel process

E-BON E-BON 2018-08-21 09:42:00

Classified by different surface processes
Mirror panel (8K), drawing board (LH), sanding board, and pattern board, sandblasting board, etching board, embossing board, composite board (composite board)

1, color stainless steel mirror panel
The 8K plate, also known as the mirror panel, is polished on the stainless steel (Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scooptrading company)plate surface by polishing equipment with a polishing liquid, so that the surface brightness of the plate is as clear as a mirror, and then electroplated.

2, color stainless steel wire drawing board
Pull wire (LH), also known as hairline, because the lines are slender and straight. Its surface is like a silky texture, which is a process of stainless steel. The surface is matt, look carefully at the slightest texture above, but it can't be touched, it is more wear-resistant than the ordinary shiny stainless steel, and it looks more graded. The hairline plate has a variety of lines, such as hairline (HL), snowflake sand (NO4), and grain (graffiti), cross, cross, etc., all the lines are processed by the oil throwing machine as required. Into, then electroplating coloring.

3, color stainless steel sandblasting board
The blasting plate is processed with zirconium beads on the surface of the stainless steel plate by mechanical equipment, so that the surface of the slab is presented with a fine bead-like sand surface to form a unique decorative effect. Then electroplating

4. Color stainless steel composite technology board
According to the process requirements, various processes such as polishing hairline, coating, etching, sandblasting, etc. are concentrated on the same plate surface for combined processing. Then electroplating coloring.

5, color stainless steel and pattern
The sand pattern of the pattern (graffiti) is composed of a circle of sand patterns from a distance. The near part is a non-standard chaotic pattern. It is made by irregular grinding of the grinding head up and down and left and right, and then electroplating. Whether it is with the pattern, or the drawing board, it is one of the frosted plates, but the surface state of the plates is different, so the statement is different.

6, color stainless steel etched board
The etched plate is a bottom plate on the mirror panel, the wire drawing plate and the sand blasting plate, and the surface thereof is chemically etched to etch various pattern patterns and then deep-processed; the etched plate is partially embossed, drawn, inlaid, titanium, etc. Complex process processing, the final realization of the pattern of light and dark, colorful effects.

A, plating 
A process in which a metal film is adhered to the surface of a metal or other material by electrolysis. It can prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, light reflectivity and enhance aesthetics.

B, water plating
The process of forming a metal plating layer by continuously reducing the metal ions on the autocatalytic surface by chemically reducing the reducing agent in the plating solution without relying on the external power source in the aqueous solution.

C, fluorocarbon paint
Refers to a coating with fluororesin as the main film-forming material; also known as fluorocarbon paint, fluorine paint, fluororesin paint

D, spray paint
The paint is sprayed in a mist to form a different color on the stainless steel plate.