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China Steel Association: the world steel market continued to rise and fall in the second

Under the influence of shocks and downward adjustments in Asia and China, the international steel market at the beginning of the year saw a mixed pattern. In the first month of the month, the international steel market began to show the trend of "wind and water rotation", in particular the weak European long-term steel prices, which showed a strong elongation, which it was rather catchy! However, from the fundamentals of the global market, the technical adjustment of Chinese steel prices will not change the important influence on world steel. The international steel market is expected to continue to be weak in Europe and in Europe.

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In 2017, world production of crude steel reached another record. The latest data from the International Steel Association show that in 2017 world production of crude steel increased by 5.3% year-on-year, reaching 1.691 billion tons, a record level. In 2017, the world's new raw steel "100 million tons of clubs" was India, and crude steel production reached 1,014. With a million tons, the number of countries with global crude steel production reaching 100 million tons has risen to three, namely China, Japan and India.

Asian steel market: first and then increase. Steel house benchmark steel index index at 128.5 points in the region rose 1.5% on a weekly basis (down from a downward trend), down 3.9% month on month (expanded), up 23.8% year on year.

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Flat material: market prices increased slightly. In Japan, Tokyo Steel continued to increase its product prices in February. 13 products increased 1,000-2,000 yen ($ 9-18). According to industry experts, in December and January of last year, Tokyo Steel increased the price of all products by 3,000 yen / ton. This time, the price continues to increase, indicating that market demand continues to grow. Moreover, although China's steel prices are now in the adjustment phase after the price surge, the trend in the market for high Japanese steel prices remains unchanged on the basis of strong demand. Tokyo Steel general manager Kiyoshi Imamura told Reuters that domestic demand in Japan remains strong and that the domestic construction industry, the automotive industry and the manufacturing industry continue to have good demand, which has a strong support for steel prices. According to the Koreaherald, in South Korea, four workers died of asphyxiation after a gas leak at the Pohang plant in Pohang City, Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, around 4pm on January 25th. Authorities say some workers have inhaled nitrogen from oxygen to the blast furnace and the authorities are currently investigating the incident to identify the exact cause of the workers' death. In January, the average export price of China's SS400 3-12mm hot rolled coil was US $ 580 / tonne (FOB), up US $ 5 / tonne. The average export price of SPCC 1.0mm cold rolled coils was US $ 620 / ton, which was the same as in the previous period. Exports of DX51D + Z 1.0mm galvanized coils are $ 680 / ton (FOB), which is at the same level as the previous price.

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Long products: market prices are mixed. In Japan, Tokyo Steel continued to increase its product price in February by 1,000-2,000 yen ($ 9-18). Tokyo Steel Chief Executive Kiyoshi Imamura said the increase in raw materials and transportation costs will be reflected in market prices. In this price adjustment, the price of steel bars, including the rebar, will increase by 1,000 yen or 1.5% to 69,000 yen ($ 623) per tonne, while the price of the H-beam of the main Tokyo Steel product will increase by 2,000 yen or 2.3% to 89,000. Yen / ton. A company executive said that the price of H-rays in February was the highest since October 2008, when he was about to open a global financial crisis. In India, a spokesperson for the Manufacturers' Association said that the recent rise in steel prices of over 60% seriously affected construction projects and projects. The data show that Indian steel prices have risen from 30,000 rupees / ton six months ago to the current 4.8-50.000 rupees / ton, and the rise in steel prices has been seriously diverted from the actual increase in costs of steel production. The SN Reddy manufacturers association also said that the sharp rise in steel prices made the progress of the project more difficult, which led to the suspension of work. I hope the government intervenes to suppress the price, otherwise the construction project will have to be suspended. Furthermore, on January 23rd, the cold rolling of the first phase of the stainless steel joint venture project of Qingshan India began. It is reported that the Qingshan Indian Stainless Steel project is a large-scale project in stainless steel that integrates cold rolling, hot rolling and casting. It should be completed between 5-6 years. At the end of January, the average export price of China's 20 mm HRB400 rebar was US $ 565 / tonne (FOB), down US $ 25 / ton since the beginning of the month.