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China Stainless steel Original Hip-Stirrer Tall Metal Deer Swizzle

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2017-04-18
  Original Hip-Stirrer Tall Metal Deer Swizzle can be made of stainless steel, plastic, wood, copper, ceramic, even Jadeite glass. If you get metal ones, make sure they are dishwasher safe. Stainless steel ones can bend if you're using them to dig out something like hardened brown sugar -- just gently bend them back into shape as much as you can. Many plastic ones in North America meet their end after being carried out of the cutlery basket in the dishwasher by a jet of water, and landing on the heating coils that North American dishwashers have at the bottom, where they get melted into something unrecognizable.

    Most Original Hip-Stirrer Tall Metal Deer Swizzle have rounded bottoms. Some have bent handles allowing them to rest on the counter without tipping out the contents of their measuring bowls; some allow the resting to happen by dint of flat-bottomed.