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Baby tableware evaluation list, giving your baby the best

Baby tableware evaluation list, giving your baby the best

E-BON E-BON 2018-07-20 09:35:10
When the baby grows for 6 months, the mother should consider adding complementary food to the baby. At this time, choosing the right tableware has become the most troublesome thing for the mothers. Common meals in supermarkets come in a variety of materials, including plastics, ceramics, stainless steel, etc. Which one is more suitable for babies? Let's help mom introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various tableware and how to choose:

Ceramic tableware

Ceramic tableware is one of the most common tableware in life. It has many types, beautiful appearance and wide application range. At the same time, ceramic tableware is not easy to rust, does not absorb water, and is decorative, and it is convenient to use.

Features: Ceramic tableware has a wide variety of colors and different shapes. The product is beautiful and generous. It has the characteristics of not easy to rust, not absorb water and easy to wash. It is also convenient to use. However, ceramic tableware is fragile and fragile (fragments can damage the baby), and individual tableware glaze contains heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, which are also likely to endanger the health of the body. Parents should pay attention when selecting.

Use points: Modern technology has high requirements for the production of ceramic tableware. Some small enterprises lack production costs, and the lead and cadmium content of products will exceed the standard. Therefore, mothers should choose the regular products produced by large manufacturers.

Stainless steel cutlery

Features: Made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, high temperature resistance, safe to use, stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than ordinary metal.

Use points: It is rumored that stainless steel will precipitate heavy manganese, which leads to Parkinson; the state has strict control on the manganese content of stainless steel products, and parents do not need to worry if they choose qualified products from regular manufacturers.

Imitation porcelain tableware (also known as melamine tableware)

Advantages: Common melamine tableware is a kind of plastic tableware. The commonly used material is melamine. The cost is low, the heat resistance is good, the surface is smooth and smooth, and the shape is easy to match with animation or cartoon pattern, which is very popular among children.

Usage points: Parents are often worried that melamine will penetrate into the food and affect the baby's health. However, the melamine content in the tableware is generally less than 0.2mg/dm, which will not affect the baby's health.

Plastic cutlery

Features: Plastic tableware is currently the most used products in the home, light weight, not easy to break, and economical.

Use points: But parents worry about plastic products. Many people think that plastics contain bisphenol A, plasticizers, etc., which will penetrate into the food after heating and affect the baby's health. In fact, the processing of most plastic tableware does not require plasticizer at all. When parents choose, they can choose the tableware without bisphenol A in the mall through the logo.

Titanium tableware

Features: Titanium alloy tableware is high-end tableware. The tableware has high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. However, due to its poor processability, it is difficult to cut, difficult to process, and the price is relatively high. Parents can be economically based on the situation. select.