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The products of Stainless Steel bar spoon is from E-BON China

stainless steel bar spoon

stainless steel bar spoon

Metal bar spoons are very common. Often, they are made from stainless steel, which provides high levels of sturdiness and durability. Stainless Steel Bar Spoons can be quite thin, and are thus useful for delicate mixing tasks, such as folding egg whites into batters or mousses. They can become dangerously hot very quickly, however, and users should thus take care to avoid leaving them in a pot or pan of food that is actively cooking.

Our stainless steel bar spoon

This stainless steel bar spoon is constructed from food-grade imported stainless steel. It features fine workmanship, high class quality, and attractive design. Its handle length can be made in line with customer needs. With fashionable design, our product can be applied in bars, cafes, hotels, and tea shops.