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How to Buy a Hip Flask

A hip flask is one of the mainstays of a gentleman's accessory collection. It makes for a personal and inexpensive gift, so follow these steps to buy a hip flask for yourself or someone you know.

1.Decide on size. Hip flasks come in a variety of sizes, with a few that are fairly standard. Choose among the 2.5-ounce, 4-ounce and 8-ounce versions of the flask. Smaller flasks increase the discreetness of the flask while larger versions allow for that extra shot. So, think about the needs of the drinker to decide on the correct size.

2.Set your budget. Hip flasks start around a few dollars for a very simple, brass tacks version and can range up to the many thousands of dollars for gold, platinum or historically valuable items. Think about how much you want to spend so you know where to look and what to look for.

3.Match the flask to hobbies and interests. One of the best things about hip flasks is that flask designers have integrated the flask into all modes of lifestyle. So, if you or the recipient of the flask is a golfer, for instance, look at the golfing hip flask set sold by Whisky Magazine Online. If you're more into fine leather or metals, check out pewter or alligator skin-covered versions of the flask.

4.Think about the past. The hip flask tradition goes back literally hundreds of years. If you want a special hip flask, look for an item that has historical value on account of its age or its previous owner. Hip flask enthusiasts treasure great finds such as a flask given to the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald by his wife, Zelda, or ones from the Civil War. If your budget is tight, check out historical replicas, often available through museum stores and gift catalogs.

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