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The Features of Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer

stainless steel cocktail strainer is also known as Hawthorne strainer. It consists of a handle as well as a porous disc with two or more pointed ends. The disc is surrounded by spring. Pointed ends allow our product to fasten the mouth of cocktail shaker.

The pore design can successfully filter the ice cubes, fruit pulp, and other impurities. The spring can give the function of double filtration, so as to guarantee the wine purity. Additionally, it makes this product adaptable to different specifications of shakers.

This stainless steel cocktail strainer is exquisitely made from high-grade imported stainless steel. It comes with diversified handles, featuring fashionable design and fine workmanship. Due to its noble and elegant style, our product becomes a good helper of professional bartenders to produce fancy cocktails in bars, western restaurants, and other places. What are you waiting for? Take action now and make a glass of personalized wine by yourself!