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Different Flavors of Cocktails

In summer days, making a glass of cocktail with full summer sense must be a pleasant thing. Cocktails with different flavors bring people distinct enjoyment.

1. Margarita :the palate is mouth filling with clean and fresh fruity aroma and the unique smell of Tequila. It tastes sour and sweet, very refreshing.

2. Singapore Sling has the sour and sweet taste. With the additional lingering of carbonic acid gas and fruity bouquet, it leads a person to endless aftertastes.

3. Bloody Mary has bright red color and luster and tastes salty and sweet- a very special flavor.

4. Tequila sunrise distributes full fruit fragrance with a mixture of a variety of fresh fruit juice, and combined with the hotness and fervency, it makes the aftertaste lingers between lips and teeth. 

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