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The Features of Stainless Steel Ice cubes

Ice is pretty simple. Pour some water into a plastic tray, throw it in the freezer, and wait. It’s easy, cheap and will, ultimately, make your drink cold. Unfortunately, that also means it’s going to water it down which is not something you want when you’re drinking the fancy, special occasion booze. These one inch stainless steel ice cubes are the perfect alternative to whiskey stones because they’re not porous and won’t absorb any of the good stuff. Each stainless cube in the four pack is filled with a non-toxic gel that will keep your drink as cold and delicious as it is shiny. 

1, can be infinitely recycled, using the principle of physical cooling, cleaning easy; prevents using ice cubes made from clean water cause harm to humans; will not affect the taste makes ice cubes melt dilution;-12 degrees Fahrenheit the freezing point of ice, cold storage volume, heat more quickly, ice effects more intense, chill time is significantly shorter than ordinary ice.
2, convenient and readily accessible. Avoid refreezing when finished making Fu Tong ice, ice-free are available, or in need of cooling troubles.

The use of stainless steel ice cubes only to be cleaned and then placed in a refrigerator freezer, after cool after about 3 hours, then removed all need ice to cool drinks, can play a role in ice after about 3 minutes, and can be used indefinitely.