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The products of Stainless Steel Ice Bucket is from E-BON China

stainless steel ice bucket

Our stainless steel ice bucket can be easily used for cooling good wine that needs to be tasted under cold condition. The ice and cold water are put into this product until they reach the level of wine bottle shoulder. The wine temperature can be reduced to the optimum serving temperature by our product within only several minutes.

This stainless steel ice bucket has various styles, which can not only reflect the culture of the wine company, but also make wine quite elegant and gorgeous. It is constructed from high quality food-grade stainless steel, featuring innovative design and fine workmanship. Moreover, this product comes to the market with a delicate, fashionable and upscale image. It is mainly exported to Europe and America.

In hot summer, this product is a good helper when users are at home or go out for traveling. By adoption of this bucket and their favorite drinks, our customers and their families can feel cool and refreshed while taking a sun bath on the beach or having a barbecue.(Read More:http://www.steelhomewaresupplier.com)