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Custom Stainless Steel Mail Box

Custom Stainless Steel Mail Box

  • Name: Mail Box
  • Size:38*14.5*45
  • Effect: Matt finish
  • Material: S/S 18/0 T=0.5mm
1. Stainless steel is durable and corrosion-resistant. 
2. The newspaper slot is placed underneath for easy access. 
3. The lock with different safety factors is available. Conventional configurations include the lock and key. 
4. Wall-mounted structure features easy installation. The product design can well fit with the building wall. 
5. The standard size of letter slot makes the mail, magazine or small package accessible to our product. 
6. Besides the original color of stainless steel, we can also make powder coated surface. Your exclusive product color can be customized. 
7. Our product looks like a traditional house. It is ideal for home use, which can decorate your home life.

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