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The importance of a healthy diet

There are related medical journals that have said that in the past 20 years, China’s life expectancy has increased by 8.5 years. According to relevant survey data, in the diet of Chinese centenarians, their diet is always divided. It is very clear that the food is very meticulous and exquisite; in addition, they usually eat slowly. It can be said that if you want to live longer, it is crucial to develop a good eating habit. Long-lived people have these 6 things in common on the diet, don't miss it!

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■ You can do this on the diet, it is not too difficult to prolong life!
● Dietary advice for longevity: Do not eat fast food regularly.
Nowadays, people's lifestyles have undergone earth-shaking changes. Various kinds of fast foods are everywhere. After some people are tired for a day, they can pick up the mobile phone and take a takeaway. But fast foods contain a lot of fats and condiments. Eating fast food often has a great impact on our body; no matter how delicious it is, it is not as healthy as the food we cook at home. So in life, don't be too lazy, try to cook at home as much as possible, get up early every morning to make a lunch, go to the microwave at work at noon, and be healthier than eating fast food. After all, it has no additives and is more sanitary.
● Dietary recommendations for longevity: Eat more vegetarian food.
In daily life, when it comes to diet, I believe many of my friends know that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is good for the body; because these vegetarian diets contain high trace elements and multi-fibers, they have a certain role in promoting the creep of our stomach. Help us clean up the intestines and keep our bodies healthy; and now many relevant data show that people who are often vegetarians have a lower prevalence in certain diseases.
Just like people who often like vegetarian food, they have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than people who regularly eat meat. However, many people think that their physical condition is not very good, need to add a lot of energy, and let me always be vegetarian. In fact, we still need to do a reasonable match between the elements in accordance with our actual situation.

● Dietary advice for longevity: Don't eat too late.
In daily life, the dinner time should not be set too late. Generally, the dinner time for dinner is best before 7pm. This is because the peak period of calcium in our body is about 4 or 5 hours after dinner; if your dinner time is over, then when you fall asleep, the urine in your body can't be excreted in time, then It is very easy to form stones in the body, which is not good for our health.
● Dietary recommendations for prolonging life: Drink soup before meals and chew slowly.
In daily life, you can see some people who love health or older ages. In daily meals, they will drink a soup in advance; this way can help us to play a certain role in lubrication, and it is easier for solid food. Enter the body. And a soup before meals can also give us some feeling of fullness, which can help us to control appetite to a certain extent.
Eat and remember to pay attention to the principle of slow chewing, because our stomach will transmit the full information to the brain, this process is about 2, 30 minutes; and eating and chewing slowly can greatly improve the digestion of the body's digestive system. And absorb and feel, thus increasing the sense of fullness.

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● Dietary advice for prolonging life: Control your desires.
In daily life, we often see a bite, a meal, etc., but these are virtual concepts; more than a dozen, dozens of ones are one or one; half a mouth, a small mouth, a big mouth is also a bit; many Everyone feels that they can't grieve themselves, and every time they have no concept of eating wildly; but if you eat meat and drink without restraint, then the long-term past will inevitably cause some harm to our body. So there is a degree in everything, and we must pay attention to the right amount.
● Dietary recommendations for longevity: Don't eat too often.
Generally speaking, we eat three meals a day, preferably at a rate of 7 or 8 minutes per meal; do not consume large amounts of snacks during any two meals; in addition, we must eliminate the eating habits of nightingale; We have a stomach, and if you have an intemperate intake, it can easily lead to an increase in the load on the stomach. But some people say that I am hungry; can I still eat without being hungry?

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In fact, the most important thing is based on your own situation, you can also carry out the principle of eating more than one meal a day, diet should not avoid high-sugar, high-fat, high-calorie foods, especially patients who have diabetes in their own right, should pay attention. In any case, please remember not to consume too much at one time, it is best to maintain a good regular eating.